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Custom Coins

Many businesses, organizations, and clubs are finding creative ways to use custom coins. From customer loyalty programs to employee morale boosters to rock concert souvenirs --- we’re seeing new applications every day and we’re developing the detailed artwork to support them. While we can produce small and round coins without color --- virtually any size and shape are possible, as well as unlimited colors options and a wide selection of finishes and edges. Coins For Anything’s craftsmanship and experience produces the best custom coins in the industry.

As the largest 100% veteran owned challenge coin company in we have taken what we learned making military challenge coins and applied it to the needs of all our coin customers. Our thicker coins allow for deeper 3D relief which allows for some of the nicest designs when incorporating imagery into your custom coin. We encourage you to take the first step and request a custom quote with one of Coins For Anything’s knowledgeable coin designers!


After months of planning yourl wedding day comes and goes within a few hours. Preserve the memory of your wedding with a coin featuring your love.

Business Card 

With so many business cards handed to potential clients every day how do you stand out? Custom business card coins are how. They make for a great conversation.


Religion is timeless, so hand out a timeless church coin to help spread your message and faith. Let us help you design a coin around your inspiration.


Just like the military, custom coins in agencies such as the CIA, FBI, Border Patrol and DEA have helped preserve traditions and the honor of service.


The caring hands of medical professional such as nurses, doctors and medical staff deserve to be honored with custom challenge coins.


Coins are a great way to help preserve the historical memories and achievements of those featured in your memorials.


Trackable coins are a great way to help improve your geocaching experience. Let us help you design a cool coin for your geocaching club and event.

 Sample Catalog

See all of our custom coins and please let us know if you see something that gives you an idea for your own coin.