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At Coins For Anything, we have established ourselves as the standard of providing superior quality challenge coins for military and corporate organizations. We take pride in using state-of-the-art coin minting processes that allow our coins to deliver the sharpest 3D imagery in the industry. If you see something in our custom coin sample gallery that catches your eye, our customer service representatives would be happy to incorporate its qualities into your custom coin design. We have minted over 85,000 unique custom coin designs and carry an array of samples for our customers to browse for coin design inspiration. Coins For Anything is a veteran-owned and operated company based out of Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Geocaching Coins

Geocaching is an outdoor activity that has been growing in popularity worldwide for more than a decade. It introduces a twenty-first century twist into the traditional scavenger hunt, allowing participants to travel the world in search of items logged on a universal website with coordinates that tell participants’ the item’s exact location. When participants find the items in their respective containers—using GPS locators—they simply log that they’ve been found, “trade them” out for similar or greater-value items, or pick them up and move them to a different location if directed by the original owner. Items hidden with intent that they be moved around the world are known as “trackables.” Custom Coins have been commonly used as a trackable item. Coins For Anything can help you create a unique custom coin showcasing your deepest interests that you can you use on your next geocaching adventure to let other enthusiasts know more about you. Have your next geocoin equipped with a unique tracking number and watch it travel around the world through the geocaching website. Customize your coin with symbols of the places you’ve visited or just about anything else that intrigues you! Whether you’re an experienced geocacher or new to the game, we encourage you to take the first step and request a quote with one of Coins For Anything’s knowledgeable coin designers!