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Coins For Anything, Inc.’s story is your classic American Entrepreneurial story. We started with a few challenge coins in the military barracks and have grown into a thriving custom coin-minting business. Check out our story as told by some of our supporters.

Ex-Marine turned entrepreneur offers crowdfunding tips - Owner Jeff Morin pursues a passion for creating multi-tools by utilizing crowdfunding.

Starting a Million Dollar Business While in the Marine Corps - Owner Jeff Morin answers questions largely focused on starting his business while still in the USMC.

Niche idea grows into $5 million empire - See the Yahoo homepage feature, and then continue to read the full article. 

Entrepreneur Interview - Owner Jeff Morin reveals what he sees as most challenging and most rewarding about running his business.

Big Change - Several ideas for using coins to suit corporate needs including gifts, awards, and invitations.

Coining a profitable idea - A look at the company’s past, present, and future.

Don't Make These Mistakes of Accidental Entrepreneurs - Owner Jeff Morin and another entrepreneur share lessons learned in running a small business.

A small niche in collectible coins grows into a $5 million mini-empire - Coins For Anything’s history is depicted as the story of “a regular guy who saw an online opportunity and went for it.”

How to Take Your Business to the Next Level - Owner Jeff Morin’s advice of providing personal touches is featured.

Top Tips: 15 Ways to Grow - Owner Jeff Morin provides a top tip on showing customers that their business is valued.

Cashing in on coins - Coins For Anything’s first year on the Inc 5000 is celebrated. 

Make Money Online the Jeff Morin Way - Key business lessons are discussed, like the importance of bookkeeping and accounting, as well as hiring the right people.

Former Marine turns coins into business - A company history and a look into how challenge coins are not just for the military.

Combat Currency: The Truth About Military Coins - One veteran’s view of military coins, and a link to our company site.

Four Top Secrets of Savvy Supervisors - Director of Marketing Cindy King explains why owner Jeff Morin is a great boss.

Inside Business - Jeff Morin built a brand from scratch with Coins For Anything.

Hall of Distinction - Quantico Middle and High School created an Alumni Hall of Distinction.

Mom helps son build multi-million dollar business - Ellen Morin gave her son Jeff Morin his first business loan to start Coins For Anything Inc.