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Geocaching Coins

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Just about everyone has heard of – and millions have participated in – “Geocaching,” a modern day treasure hunt via GPS. Special containers called geocaches are hidden outdoors, coordinates and clues are posted online, and often the finders of said geocaches leave behind a small trackable token for the next seeker to find and report. Custom trackable coins, called Geocoins, have become very popular items for this purpose.

A Geocoin is a personalized coin and is essentially a geocacher’s calling card. Each Geocoin is assigned a unique tracking ID number and its progress can be tracked online through logs posted by the finders. There are different types of logs that can be entered, such as picking up or dropping off the coin, as well as locating the token. Typically when you create a log entry you can share your story of discovery, often including uploading pictures of your exploration. Now that you’ve found it, what do you do with it? Check the Geocoin’s webpage and read the description of the goal that has been set by the coin’s owner. You may be asked to leave it where you found it, move it to another cache, or even keep it! Make sure to log your actions for the online geocaching community!

Looking to create your own Geocoin? As with any custom coin, the options are near endless as to what you can design! A Geocoin does not have to be a specific size, or shape, and can include just about any imagery you desire. The final design must be approved by one of the geocaching sites (we like to use Groundspeak) prior to production, and you have the choice to use the logo, but it is not required. However, all designs must display the text “Trackable on” or “Track on” somewhere on the coin. The cost for a unique tracking ID varies by company, but is typically around $1.50-$2.00 per number. Add the numbers to your coins, activate them online, and then you are ready to place them in caches! Happy hunting!

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