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Ceramic Chip Pricing

Coins For Anything offers you the best price on custom challenge coins along with the best quality that the industry has to offer. We also offer many coin features that our competitors do not offer, such as: flat rate unlimited color, edge text, and 3D paint-fill. Our standard coins are 3.5mm thick—0.5mm thicker than other minting companies. This increased thickness allows our 3D challenge coins to display the sharpest detail and imagery in the industry. We are also the only coin company that offers die mold insurance plans. The custom coin pricing for each order varies. For example, pricing depends on the different coin options selected, coin size, and quantity. Our basic pricing is provided below. For the easiest way to receive a coin quote, please fill out our user-friendly coin quote form HERE . After we receive your information, one of our coins sales representatives will contact you with a custom coin quote and provide suggestions on design and cost-savings tips.

We at Coins For Anything produce industry-leading, detail-rich challenge coins, and we believe in the value of a beautiful weighty coin. However, we understand that in some cases, a less expensive or more unconventional option may better suit a customer’s needs. Our ceramic chips offer a non-traditional, cost-effective alternative in true Coins For Anything style as they are the highest quality “poker" chips on the market. Visit our Ceramic Chip Gallery to see examples of our work in the available shapes and sizes.

Round Ceramic Chips

1.56" Ceramic Poker Chip
1.56" Ceramic Poker Chip 300 500 1000 5000+
Diameter: 1.56"
Thickness: 3.3mm $1.60 $1.35 $1.25 $1.15
Weight: 10g
1.7" Ceramic Poker Chip
1.7" Ceramic Poker Chip 250 500 1000 5000+
Diameter: 1.7"
Thickness: 3.3mm $1.85 $1.60 $1.45 $1.35
Weight: 12g
1.96" Ceramic Poker Chip
1.96" Ceramic Poker Chip 100 250 500 1000 5000+
Diameter: 1.96"
Thickness: 5.5mm $3.09 $2.85 $2.60 $2.45 $2.35
Weight: 25g

Odd Shape Ceramic Chips

Octagon Ceramic Poker Chip
Octagon Ceramic Poker Chip 300 500 1000 5000+
Dimensions: 1.73"
Thickness: 4mm $2.09 $1.85 $1.60 $1.45
Weight: 18g
Mini Guidon Ceramic Poker Chip
Mini Guidon Ceramic Poker Chip 100 250 500 1000 5000+
Dimensions: 2.7 x 1.9
Thickness: 5.5mm $3.60 $3.35 $3.10 $3.00 $2.60
Weight: 40g


Serial Numbering

25¢ per chip

Edge Text
Edge Text


WHICH IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Ceramic Chip or Custom Coin

Ceramic Chip

  • Unconventional in the challenge coin tradition 
  • Lower cost alternative
  • Limited size and shape options
  • Durable, lightweight polymer composite
  • Quality colorful prints with a completely flat surface  

Custom Coin

  • Traditional and expected in the challenge coin tradition
  • Higher quality look and feel
  • Virtually any size and shape possible 
  • Thicker than industry standard brass with weighty feel
  • Beautifully captured 3D designs and paint-filled areas with surrounding raised metal