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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get started?

The best way to get started on creating your custom coin is to fill out our short quote request form: Here, you will be able to provide your contact information as well as upload any artwork that you have. If you prefer to work directly with one of our coin representatives, please give us a call at: 1.866.583.5434

 What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for custom orders is 50 pieces.  This includes custom: challenge coins, lapel pins, cufflink sets, and belt buckles. 

 If you would like fewer than custom 50 pieces, please contact our office.  We highly recommend ordering 50 or more items for custom orders due to the expense of the set-up cost.

 How long does production take?

Once you have approved the artwork design, production can take between 12 to 19 days based on detail and quantity.

 Can I see a design before paying a deposit?

Due to the high demand for our custom products, we can only begin creating your artwork or design after we receive your deposit. Thanks to the experience of our talented designers and competitive prices, we have a 99.9% success rate in providing high quality coin designs.

 Are you veteran-owned?

Yes, both the CEO/Founder and the COO are Marine Corps Veterans.  Jeff Morin was a Sergeant of Marines as an 0656 Network Administrator (was a phased out MOS) from 2000 to 2004.  Christopher Frederick was a mustang Captain of Marines as an 0401 Logistics Officer from 2001 to 2010.

 What do customers need to provide to have a design created?

We can work with whatever you have!  Whether you have verbal descriptions, hand sketches, photos, or professional designs, our designers will work with you to transform your coin idea into reality. 

 What is a challenge coin?

A challenge coin’s original purpose was to serve as a representation of one’s military unit.  A tradition that has emerged from the challenge coin culture to ensure that military members carry their coins on themselves at all times.  If a fellow military member asks for you to show your challenge coin at a bar and you don’t have it, you are responsible for buying the drinks.

 How long is my die-mold keep for re-orders?

Die-molds are kept for three years.  If you want us to keep your die-mold for longer, you can buy our die-mold insurance for $39.  This will ensure that we will keep your mold forever or will remake it for free if it gets destroyed.

 Is the die/mold FREE on re-orders?

Yes! There is no die-mold fees on re-orders within 3 years or if you have die-mold insurance.

 Can you ship to APO & FPO addresses?


 What are the coins made of?

Almost all of our custom coins are made out of brass.  Some odd-shaped coins and coins with cutouts are required to be made from a zinc base due to the production requirements.

 How big can you make a challenge coin?

We can die strike custom challenge coins up to 7 inches in diameter, and we can have challenge coins casted in bronze or aluminum up to 6 feet in diameter.

 What kind of shapes can you make the coins?

We can craft the metal into any shape that your imagination desires.

 What is die mold insurance?

Die mold insurance allows you to protect your die mold forever and only costs $39. Die mold insurance ensures that your coin may be ordered after the three-year mark, without having to pay to recreate the die molds.

 How long have you been in business?

15+ years.  We were established in August of 2002.

 What is die struck VS spin cast?

Die struck is when a design is imprinted onto a hard metal coin.  The force of a die or mold striking the coin’s surface with physically alter the metal with the imprint of the design.

 Spin cast is when hot liquid metal is spun into a 3D mold or cast to create the coin design and shape.  Softer metals are used to create spin casted coins.

 What is the difference between 2D and 3D?

2D coin designs only have one level of raised metal.  3D coin designs have multiple layers of raised metal, allowing for a deeper relief and renders more intricate details.