large custom coins

When It Comes To Coins, Size Matters!

Ever hear the saying, “bigger is better?” You’ve probably heard this motto applied to a gazillion things in modern culture. From the sizes of houses, bank accounts, and even certain body parts, many people value substantially sized items for a variety of reasons. When it comes to grandiose coins, Coins For Anything is a veteran of producing high quality coins… super-sized!

A typical coin is usually 2” or less. Anything bigger than this we consider to be large. For our customers who desire large coins, they most commonly request size ranges from 2.5”-6” in diameter. With that being said, we can produce coins 1 foot in diameter or even larger. It all depends on the creative design and the customer’s imagination!

Large coins are perfect for a variety of circumstances. Extra large coins are great for awards and recognition pieces because they carry a strong visual presence. Since these coins have a broader surface area, we can show the intricate details much better, and customers can incorporate more text or artwork into the design. You can mount sizable coins on plaques for awards, use them as a special paperweight, or display them on a shelf as a statement piece. Large coins are popular among many military units because they emphasize certain desirable qualities about their units.

If you are interested in creating a big, bold coin for yourself or your organization, contact Coins For Anything. We can help you come up with the perfect design for your monumental coin. Have you seen any awe-inspiring, colossal coins? If so, please share them with us. The bigger; the better!!

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