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As we know, being a kid comes with its fair share of broken bones and sick days also. As parents, we worry about the well being of our children when they are sick; but do you ever stop to consider how they feel before their surgery? First time experiences in the emergency room are frightening for children. To help ease the blow of feeling under the weather, we created a unique product line called “One Tough Kid” coins. These gifting coins are the perfect way to celebrate your child’s bravery while dealing with: being sick, breaking a bone, or having his/her tonsils removed. Our special gifting coins will help lift your child’s spirits and provide extra comfort in a time of need.

Tough Kid—Tonsils

Repeated bouts with tonsillitis may cause the tonsils’ removal. Applaud their courage for undergoing surgery with our Tough Kid—Tonsils coin! This coin features an adorable duck that exclaims, “Goodbye, Tonsils! Hello, Ice Cream,”; he completely forgets about his missing tonsils.

Tough Kid—Sick

Sometimes kids suffer from extended illnesses. There is no better way to encourage them on their way to recovery than our Tough Kid—Sick coin! This coin features a duck with a thermometer; the words “Remember what we say, you’re getting better by the day.” also surround him. This coin is perfect for a child suffering from a rough cold or a lengthy illness.

Tough Kid—Broken Bone

Rough and tough play can lead to broken bones, which is why we created our Tough Kid—Broken Bone coin! This coin features our resilient tough duck that has broken his arm and wears a cast. Words that surround the design read: “New Member: Broken Bone Club.” Giving this coin to kids also rewards for them being tough when accidents happen.

If you represent a hospital or gift shop and adding our selection of “One Tough Kid” coins also interests you, please contact us at We would be happy to work with you to set up a wholesale or resell account to sell our coins.

If you have a tough kid in your life who feels under the weather, order any Tough Kid coin. These gifting coins are the perfect way to lift the spirits of any sick child.

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