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Tooth Fairy Coins

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All children know the joy that comes from losing a tooth… a visit from the tooth fairy! As they place their lost teeth under their pillows, children wait for her to take their tooth and replace it with money. Whether it is change or a dollar bill, that’s for the tooth fairy to decide. But what should you do if you are looking for a creative spin on the tradition? Give a Tooth Fairy Coin! They are a perfect way to add to the excitement of waking up in the morning with money.

Celebrate the first, the last, or any tooth in-between with our traditionally shaped Tooth Fairy Coin. This shiny gold coin features the words “Tooth Fairy” with the silhouette of her flying through the night, near a crescent moon. The reverse side can also be engraved with a child’s name, the date, or any other special message!

For a whimsical design, check out our Tooth Fairy Money Coin. This shiny gold tooth-shaped coin features the words “Tooth Fairy” surrounded by starbursts and also an image of the fairy herself. The reverse side reads “Fairy Money” with a dollar sign. Children can collect this coin for each lost tooth or redeem it for spendable money!

Take the excitement of the lost tooth tradition to the next level by giving a unique coin!

Tooth Fairy Money Coins


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