epoxy on custom challenge coins

Love the feeling of a sleek and polished coin? Thank the epoxy coating. Many factors go into creating the perfect custom piece, such as selecting the right finish, display, and color. Whether or not to add a coating is another important decision. On the fence? Here are some things to consider:

What is an epoxy coating?

It is a layer of resin, called an epoxy dome, which we put on a piece to provide a clear glossy finish. You can choose to have the coating on one or both sides.

What characteristics does it add?

Adding a coating will enhance the 3D appearance and also leave the coin feeling smooth and rounded. Many customers enjoy the feeling of an epoxy-coated coin as it rolls between their fingers. The coating provides a protective barrier that will also increase the longevity and durability of the piece.

What coins shouldn’t be coated? 

Customers who enjoy the texturized feeling of the coins should refrain from choosing a coating. If you choose to display the coin, the hidden side does not necessarily need an epoxy finish.

Overall, it’s a personal preference. Coins For Anything will create a beautiful customized piece for you whether you choose to have a coating applied or leave the coin uncoated.


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