fantasy gaming coins

Fantasy role-players: immerse yourselves even deeper into your next gaming experience by using realistic fantasy coins! Fantasy coins have an infinite realm of possibilities. You can use them for: Live Action Role Play (LARP), Role-Playing Game (RPG), board games, props for plays or movies, collectible mementos, dinner parties, and also party favors. You can use fantasy coins to enhance the backstory of your game or to establish a unique currency exclusive to your land.

Unfortunately, many companies make fantasy gaming coins with cheap materials and they also lack a realistic, quality feel. We have created a series of realistic world-class fantasy coins that are the high quality pieces that gamers are looking for. If you are looking for such an item, you’re in the right spot. But if you also want to create your own currency for your fantasy world, we have a few tips to help you to create AMAZING fantasy coins! Check it out:


Firstly, consider using a weighty metal to give the coins a realistic feel. There is nothing worse than playing with coins that don’t bare any weight. Zinc alloy is a great material that can help fix this problem. For more information about the best type of material for your pieces and budget, contact Coins For Anything for assistance.


Secondly, if you would like your fantasy coins to have an old-world feel, try antiquing your collection. The antiquing process is done by applying an antiquing powder to the coin that adheres to sandblasted surfaces and grooves of the designs. Antiquing also creates contrast and accentuates the depth of 3D elements.


You can also make your pieces more realistic by increasing the thickness. We can create fantasy coins with 3-mm thickness!

Play Up The Details

Finally, enhance the details with a 3D relief for your coins. If you have a design in mind, our graphic artists can help turn it into a digital image that can be replicated.

Fantasy gaming coins are perfect complements to any role-playing game or can make great character accessories. We have created fantasy coin collections that include over 28 designs. If you would like to design your own high-quality coin collections, contact Coins For Anything. We would be happy to help you bring your fantasy to life!

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