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Are accessories an important part of your wardrobe? Accessories can quickly update traditional styles and also bring elements of class and flare to your outfit. Believe it or not, coins are no different! Accessories play a crucial role in taking a more standard, traditional coin and revamping it to be one-of-a-kind.

With our numerous options for accessorizing, we can also provide customers with the ultimate add-ons for customizing. Choosing different accessories to go with your coins is a fun and exciting process. Let’s review some of our favorite options that can take pieces to the next level!

Edge Text

Firstly, adding text along the edge of a coin is a unique way to add a personalized touch. There are two ways that we can add edge text to a coin.

Laser Engraved Edge Text: We use laser engraved edge text on coins that require different inscriptions. For example, we use this method to number our limited edition coins and for coins that have personalized names.

Stamped Edge Text: We use stamped edge text for pieces that will have the same text engraved on every piece in the order. This process produces a deeper relief. An extra die mold is required for this process, making it a more suitable option for customers who plan on reordering.

Edge Cutting

Another way is edge cutting. Selecting edge cutting will add a beautifully cut pattern around the edge of one or both sides of your piece. Different edge cutting options that can accentuate your design are: swirl cut, flat wave, petal edge or a crosscut design of the diamond cut edge. We also have options to encompass your design with a rope edge, which is incorporated into the die mold.

Epoxy Coating

In addition to adding protection, a clear epoxy coating can also give the coin a silky-smooth look and feel. With us, customers can choose to have one or both sides epoxied.

Keychain Attachment

Adding a keychain attachment to the coin is great for everyday carrying and makes an amazing gift.

Bottle Opener

With a wave of our magic wand, we can turn your customized coin into a unique bottle opener. Turning coins into functional tools is one of our specialties!


Sometimes less is more, which is why we offer options for cutouts to create a number of simple shapes. We can even take it a step further and create a spinner coin with a movable center.

Two-Toned Plating

Finally, you have the option of two toned plating. Is two better than one? With coins, the answer is yes. At Coins For Anything, we can incorporate two different metal finishes on a coin. Our options for different metal finishes give customers numerous design options and can also really highlight a coin.

We encourage you to spice-up your next coin design with one of these popular options! Adding customized elements will bring creativity and also memorability to your piece. For more great ideas, visit Coins For Anything’s Gallery Page to see all of our add-on options. Have you seen an add-on that really makes a coin pop? If so, we want to know. Please share your trendy coins that bring elements of bling and also class to the coin industry!

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