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The Odd Coin Out?

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Recall the phrase, “The Odd Man Out?” This idiom refers to someone who does not fit in with the majority. In our industry, this usually refers to unusually shaped coins. For centuries, traditional coins have been crafted from circular templates and modern technology has allowed us to break the mold and create stunning pieces with unique shapes and sizes. Instead of mocking their differences, Coins For Anything celebrates each piece’s uniqueness and believes the more unconventional, the better!

Positively Different

Furthermore, unusually shaped coins are eye-catching and captivate attention. Choosing a unique shape will naturally add character and also charisma to its design, to denote the creator’s forward-thinking attitude. You can shape your pieces from imagery of your military unit, making an extra special challenge coin to remember your time in the service. We can shape corporate coins to resemble your brand, serving as an unforgettable creative marketing technique.

Shape Options

When it comes to selecting a coin shape, your imagination is your only limit! Do you want an image of an eagle flying out of your coin? No problem! Our talented graphic artists can help you create a non-traditional piece by crafting the shape around the design. If you would like a shape of a: dog tag, star, cupcake, car or anything else, we can make it happen.

Sticker Shock? Not Necessarily.

Many people believe that unusual items are far more costly than traditional ones. This is not so for coins. Each coin’s design is individually crafted from a customized mold. Our experts also have the ability to create unique molds at an affordable price. Creating a one-of-a-kind coin is a fun and exciting process, and we can help bring your dream coin to life!


Spice up your next coin design with some offbeat shapes to bring creativity and also memorability. Have you encountered any odd shaped coins? If so, share your oddballs with us, so we can honor their individuality! Contact Coins For Anything to learn more about creating unique coin designs.


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