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The music industry is in need of a tune-up. Bob Dylan couldn’t have said it better than with his song “The Times They Are A Changin’”. It’s always the same old swag at the memorabilia booth after concerts: t-shirts, CDs, and stickers. Don’t you hate purchasing a masterpiece musical instrument, only to have a scrap of paper providing its authenticity? Well, times are a “changin’”. There is a new sound of music with a certain cling. It’s customizable coins finding a spotlight in the music industry.


Founder of Coins For Anything, Jeff Morin, has led the way in helping coins make the leap into the music industry, expanding the market for customizable coins. Custom coins have traditionally been used by the military culture. These “challenge coins,” depict certain emblems or designs that pertain to a particular unit. They denote membership, alliance or also to recognize a special accomplishment. Jeff Morin became interested in the challenge coin culture while serving active duty in the Marine Corps. He eventually turned it into a full-time career. But Jeff wanted to go outside the box. He expanded this tradition to other markets and industries beyond the military. He has successfully promoted the use of coins in the corporate world as business cards and loyalty programs. Now his pride and joy is also debuting for the musical arts.


Coins For Anything has made coins for several popular bands such as Phish and Toby Keith. Coins are being sold as band memorabilia, back stage passes, and more. Investing in coins as a promotional product in the music industry is a breath of fresh air. Artists and companies in the music industry can fully express their creativity in the design of the coin. They can make it any shape, size, color or imaginable function that they desire. The versatility of the coin is infinite! Coins For Anything has even increased the functionality of the coin. We offer options for a multi-tool, bottle opener, or a purse holder.


Coins For Anything has partnered with Gibson Guitars to feature a complimentary collectable coin in all Gibson guitars. A special niche is embedded in new guitars to display each coin. Previously, only limited edition Gibson Guitars came with customized coins. Now all Gibson Guitars will also proudly display an artful medallion.


The perfect relationship between coins and the music industry holds true on so many levels. For Gibson Guitar enthusiasts and ultimate Phish “phans,” customizable coins symbolize more than a piece of pretty metal. It signifies unity to a group of people that have the same respect for a particular artist or instrument. Each customized coin has a different story to tell; it shows the tangible connection between you and your love for music. Enjoy the sound of music playing, as more coins cling together to bring a different cadence to the music industry!

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