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Spook-tacular Coins!

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Do you get the “hots” for Halloween? The holidays bring excitement and many of us at Coins For Anything enjoy the spookiness that comes with October. As Halloween creeps in, we transform our houses into supernatural beings that take on a life of their own. If you are hosting a Halloween party or event, consider ordering custom Halloween coins! We can customize your pieces to match the theme of your event and also make them as ghostly or gruesome as your heart desires. Our one-of-a-kind tokens will help guests remember their Halloween experience and also make your event standout above the rest!

For Parties

Coins are the perfect memento for neighborhood and also office Halloween parties. You can give them out as party favors or unique party invitations. If you plan on using them as invitations, keep in mind that it takes 22 days to produce custom coins so be sure to place your order well in advance.

For Haunted Houses

Haunted houses enlist a thrill among the young and old, and what better way to help them remember the experience than with haunted coins! If you are running a haunted house, develop a backstory for the “haunted” pieces. The guests will be able to take the scare home. Guests can receive a complimentary durable “token” at the end of the haunted house tour. They can also buy a coin as a scary souvenir if they want. The metal finishes can undergo an antiquing process also to make them feel like they’re from hundreds of years ago.

For Haunted Mazes Or Forests

Celebrate the spine-chilling open air of a haunted maze or forest with custom coins! Event coordinators should consider creating annual pieces to mark the anniversary of their event. Guests will enjoy collecting the detailed metal tokens or printed ceramic chips over the years and will come creeping back for more. If you plan on running a spooky treasure hunt, hide the coins so your guests can search for strategically placed coins.

There are so many opportunities for custom coins to make an appearance this Halloween. If you are interested in custom spooky coins, please contact us; we will be happy to assist!

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