floating coin display

Whether you have a highly valued single piece or a collector’s dream, choosing the right display is easy with us. We carry an assortment of unique displays that are perfect for showcasing your prized pieces. In addition, it may even provide added protection. Many collectors enjoy displaying pieces that have sentimental value or those that are rarely found. Let’s look at some of our most popular displays for those one-of-a-kind items!

Single Coin Displays


Our beautiful coin displays are perfect for storage and also presentation. All cases come with a felt insert with a notch that makes inserting and removing quick and easy. The inserts fit 1 5/8”, 1.75” and 2”. Our cases are also crafted out of a variety of materials, including cherry wood, artificial leather, and velvet. Check out our collection of coin display boxes.

Wooden Stands

The natural beauty of a wooden stand makes a collector’s item look even more elegant. Our wooden coin stand features a raised 3-tiered platform with a center groove that perfectly holds round pieces. Furthermore, if you are looking for a stand with a true wow-factor, consider our Rotating Single Coin Wooden Display. Crafted from exotic woods, this rotating display showcases both sides of your item and also protects it with a clear, hard acrylic holder.

Acrylic Holders

For a modern display, take a look at our acrylic holders. From a simple acrylic coin holder to an arched acrylic holder, you can laser engrave and personalize any display to create a stunning visual. For a special military piece, also check out our solider acrylic holder. This display holds a 1.75” piece; you can inscribe it with relevant names, dates, and other meaningful details. It features a silhouette of an armed solider and also a large space for engraving.

Floating Frame

Display your special piece with a handsome Coin Floating Frame. Your piece will float seamlessly within the display while two clear silicone membranes safely hold the coin in place.

These are just a few of our favorite displays. Please check out our online store for more displays for your collection.

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