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Do you enjoy taking charge of money collections for a unit or department challenge coins? Wouldn’t you rather do something else?  Hardly anyone wants to be responsible for tallying up money collections. As the money collector you’re faced with an element of stress and it can also be uncomfortable to confront people who haven’t paid their share.


Wish there was a simplified way to collect funds for your unit or department’s coin design? Well, there is! Coins For Anything is pleased to offer you the answers to your prayers with Metal Idea Factory!


Metal Idea Factory is an online crowdfunding platform that allows users to pre-fund designs for metal products, but you can also use it to simplify ordering and collecting payments for challenge coins! Coins For Anything powers Metal Idea Factory, a name that you know and you also trust! Let us walk you through how simple it is to use Metal Idea Factory to create challenge coins.


Decide on a Coin Design


Firstly, you simply need to come up with a design idea for your challenge coin; it can either be a digital image or just a sketch on a napkin. Our team will review your design and turn it into a high quality digital image.


Post Coin Design On Metal Idea Factory


After we receive your approval, we will post your coin design as a featured project on the Metal Idea Factory’s website. You will see a target goal, which is the amount of money you need to pay in order to produce the coin.


Share The Project With Members Of Your Unit


Share the link to your project with members of your unit or department. They can pay their portion directly online through Metal Idea Factory to have the piece produced. Metal Idea Factory will keep track of money collections and also who has paid.


Once we have collected payment for coin production, Metal Idea Factory will send the design to production and also ship your department challenge coins directly to everyone who monetarily contributed. It’s that easy!


For more information on Metal Idea Factory, please visit the website at:


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