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QR Code Coins

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There are many ways to promote your business and reach a wide audience using new technology. One new trend over the last few years is using QR codes. QR codes are two-dimensional scannable codes that can be read by any smartphone and can be linked to webpages or videos, can enter someone as a contact in a phone, and more.

There are a few big name companies who have used QR codes in advertising campaigns that were extremely successful. ESPN had a college football promotion that generated 225,000 scans to preview upcoming games. Verizon Wireless has used QR codes on multiple occasions, even having achieved a 200% increase in sales, at one point, by promoting an ad that had a QR code on Facebook. Users were to share their ad and if their friend scanned the code and bought a phone, the person who shared the ad would receive a free mobile device. On another occasion, Verizon used their website to link users to a specific app on their smartphones.

The combination of QR codes and coins first happened in the Netherlands in 2011, when one was placed on the tail side of a coin made to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Dutch Mint. Coins are a great medium for QR codes because they are portable and have more longevity than other more common media. The possibilities are endless, whether you use them to promote websites, print ads, or in-store displays, it’s all about putting your information out there for the world to access on the go.

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