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Protect Your Hand With Card Guards

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Queue the funeral music. In poker there’s nothing worse than a dead hand. Typically if another player’s cards accidentally touch yours then your cards are considered dead. That’s where card guards or card protectors come into play. A card guard is typically placed on top of your cards and protects them from being mucked or discarded by the dealer or another player. Sometimes the dealer may mistakenly take your cards and muck, or discard them into a pile where players throw their folded hands. The rules of poker state that once your cards hit the muck, your hand is dead. This kind of mistake can easily be avoided by placing a card guard on top of your cards so that the dealer knows which cards are yours.

The origins if the card guard seems to have been around as long as the game of poker has existed. But, in 2003 the trend for card guards really took off. The poker boom, as it’s called, caused a lot of people to get really creative. That’s when players would use almost anything they could get their hands on to protect their cards. A lot of players began to create custom card guards to make who they are easily recognizable. Not only does it make them easier to notice but it also makes great advertising. With the popularity of poker on TV and the Internet having a custom card guard is great exposure. Some poker sponsors and poker rooms even produce card guards for certain tournaments and give them out. Card guards seem to have come a long way from where they started. Share with us some that you’ve seen.

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