After you receive a handsome challenge coin, where does it go? Do you carry it around in your pocket? Does it find a home in your desk drawer? Wherever your coin ends up, it is important to protect it in order to preserve its quality and value. Although many people proudly showcase their collections with beautifully crafted coin displays, there are always a few pieces that collectors like to keep close at hand. When coins intermingle with other objects such as keys, pens, or rough objects in your pockets, they can be scratched and damaged. So how can you preserve the stellar quality of your challenge coins that you carry around everyday?  Invest in one of Coins For Anything’s clear protective cases!


We carry two lines of plastic protective cases that will protect your coin while you carry it in your pocket.  Our most durable case is a hard plastic case and fits 1.5″, 1 5/8″, 1.75″ and 2″ sized coins.  Its circular design encloses the coin perfectly, while a white foam insert keeps it snugly in place. We also carry a soft plastic flip case that is available in 2 sizes: 1.75” and 2”.  Coins that are 1.5” and 1 5/8” should have the 1.75” soft plastic flip case.  At Coins For Anything, each of our coins ships with a soft plastic flip case to protect the coin during shipping.  If you frequently insert and remove your coin from a case, we recommend investing in a hard plastic case.  Repeatedly opening and closing a soft plastic flip case can cause it to deteriorate more quickly.


If you’re looking for an option with a little more charm, consider trying our velvet coin bag.  This drawstring pouch is available for 1 5/8”-2”-pieces and comes in black, red, or blue.  We even provide options for customizing or personalizing the pouch with a screen-printed design.  These are perfect for events such as weddings, corporate functions, graduations and other celebrations where attendees receive a customized coin.


Have any creative ideas on how to protect coins when they are in your pockets?  If so, please share them!  We salute all collectors who value preserving the mint condition of their pieces!

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