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Natural Beauty of Wood Displays

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Many people have come to accept cookie-cutter products that lack character and individuality. This begs the question, “Have we all lost appreciation for truly distinctive items?” Not entirely. Coins For Anything still values the qualities that naturally set objects apart, and is proud to team up with Coin Displays to help the coin industry get in touch with products that rely on the beautiful and inherit properties of wood as a material.

Coin Displays produces high-quality wood coin displays for military challenge coins, corporate service awards, and more. By hand-selecting each piece of exotic wood, Coin Displays crafts stunning wood displays that showcase the natural beauty of the wood and the coin. The uniqueness of each wood grain tells a different story, and no two pieces of wood in the displays are alike. Let’s take closer look at some of these exotic wooden beauties.

Indigenous to tropical areas of Central and South America, Ipe wood is ultra-tough and durable. Trees reach an average height of 100ft tall and are various shades of brown. Containing natural oil, the Ipe wood requires use of a special wax to finish these displays. The wax gives the wood protection and provides a beautiful glow. This wood is also known as Brazilian Walnut and Lapacho.

Also referred to as Brazilian Cherry wood, Jatoba wood is native to Central America, Southern Mexico, Northern South American and the West Indies. Reaching heights of 100ft tall, the Jatoba wood is by far one of the densest and durable types of wood. Rich in character, wood hues vary from light orange-brown to dark red-brown and sometimes display gray-brown streaks. Texture is typically medium to coarse with interlocking grains, which displays a radiant natural luster and finishes beautifully.

African Padauk
The vibrant color of the African Padauk makes it a popular choice for coin displays. Also called Vermillion, these trees can grow to heights of 100-130ft tall in tropical regions of Central and West Africa. This wood has a variety of warm hues ranging from pale pinkish orange to a deep brownish red. Typically the wood grains are straight but sometimes interlock. Interestingly enough, this very durable wood can resist termites.

Most of the wooden coin displays are coated in a polyurethane finish, except Ipe wood. With several types of custom wood displays available, there are endless possibilities on how you can show your collection of challenge coins. These displays will also soon be available on the Coins For Anything store, and will provide timeless elegance in presenting any coin collection.

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