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Multi-tools: Basic Functions Unlocked

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The multi-tool is an ingenious invention that combines a slew of useful tools into one compact gadget. At Coins For Anything, we have mastered the art of creating eye-catching multi-tools that also fulfill a variety of purposes. Our line of multi-tools includes Parachute, Knuckler, Fidelis, Ti Tag, Cloak, Dagger, Boss, Bangle, Mantis, Cricket, Bottle Board, Swagger Drop, and Swagger Toolbox.

Many multi-tool enthusiasts appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that go into designing these practical instruments. And then there are novice users who wonder, “What exactly is that for?” Fortunately, with our expertise in multi-tool design, we are here to unlock some basic functions and also provide useful tips on how to use the tools from our exclusive collection.

Hex Wrenches

These octagonal-shaped slots on our multi-tools were designed to help accomplish a variety of functions. Depending on the size, they can be used to help tweak bikes and are perfect for emergency repairs.


Many of our multi-tools also feature a prying function, which is perfect for opening paint cans. A nail puller pry allows you to quickly and easily pull up nails, staples, and pushpins.

Knotless Gears

Tightly secure rope and cords without making cumbersome knots. Knotless gears are perfect for: tying down objects to your car, hanging food off the ground at a camp site, suspending a make-shift laundry line, tightening a volleyball line, or also creating a tent line. Simply interweave the cord through the rope positions and holes for a secure hold.


Save your fingernails and use a mini scraper! On a multi-tool, the scraper is a flat, angled edge. Consequently, the scraper is extremely diverse in its functions. You can use it for many common tasks such as removing: ice, rust, goo, stickers, vinyl and peeling paint.

Can Opener

Have a can without a pull-tab and no can opener in sight? No problem. In addition to all the other functions, some of the tools come with a can opener! Simply place the hooked-shaped tool under the lip of the can and push down the multi-tool to pierce the can. Repeat the process around the entire can. This tool is perfect for campers or anyone who can’t find a can opener.

Seatbelt Cutter

A seatbelt cutter will help you get out of a deadly situation; it can also help you cut small wires, fishing lines, and cords. On a multi-tool, a seatbelt cutter is a notch with a hook blade. Simply place either the cord or wire within the notch and move it back and forth, creating a sawing motion to begin the cut.

Interested in creating your own multi-tool? Bringing your multi-tool idea to life is simple with Metal Idea Factory. Powered by Coins For Anything, Metal Idea Factory is a crowdfunding platform specifically designed to simplify the prefunding, design and production of metal products. Metal Idea Factory even offers a variety of simple and affordable marketing strategies to help you promote your projects. Either you can incorporate some of these useful functions into a unique multi-tool or come up with your own! Go create today!

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