Amongst all branches of the military, challenge coins have become a popular part of military culture and tradition. Custom challenge coins are commonly used for denoting membership to a certain military group (example: battalion, unit, etc.), but they can also be used to recognize outstanding achievements. What better way to celebrate the dedication of our men and women in military than with a custom challenge coin!   A special military coin will show the soldiers that their hard work, perseverance, and determination do not go unnoticed, as well as encourages all military members to strive for their personal best.

A Devil Dog Example

Check out this coin that we created this coin for Evie Remines. This coin features a female devil dog holding up the number one signifying her accomplishment as the first female devil dog in Maryland. This challenge coin serves as a tribute to her hard work and dedication to the Marine Corps and will encourage other female marines to follow in her footsteps.

Your Own Military First

If you have a military first that you would like to celebrate, contact Coins For Anything. Our talented staff will come up with a personalized design for your challenge coins that will commemorate the exceptional achievement.

Evie Remines Challenge Coin

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