Creating custom coins is such a fun and engaging process! Once you have your basic design idea, it is easy to enhance your design with one or several of our custom options.  We have a variety of stylish edge designs that you can choose from, including: diamond cut, wave cut, swirl cut, reeded, and rope cut designs.  Any of these edge designs are a great way to play up your custom coin and are hand-cut to beautifully accentuate your coin design.  But if you want to create a regal coin that oozes with prestige and sophistication…we highly recommend the diamond edge!

Diamond Cut Edge

No, we aren’t talking about actually putting diamonds on your coins…our diamond edge is one of our most popular choices for a decorative border. This classy border can be easily incorporated to your custom coin design, taking your coin to the next level. A diamond edge will fancify your challenge coin giving you the extra motivation to reach your maximum potential.  Corporate coins with a diamond edge are great for: employee recognition pieces, celebrating special company achievements, and tokens that will leave a lasting impression on clients and customers.  As the saying goes, “diamonds are forever,” a diamond edge would beautifully accentuate custom wedding coins, anniversary coins, and coins that commemorate the life of a listed loved one.  We can’t think of a better way to symbolically represent that special day that will last a lifetime.

You can choose to add a diamond cut edge to one or both sides of your challenge coin.  Whatever you choose, this special feature will give your custom coin some creative bling! If you have any questions about edge options for your coin, please contact us today.  Our friendly customer representatives have experience in designing the picture perfect coin and can recommend the best edge cut for you!

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