marine birthday challenge coin

November 15, 2015 will mark the 240th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Who would have thought that recruitment out of a Philadelphia bar during the American revolution would have lead to one of the country’s most prestigious military branches—The Marine Corps? Over the years, Marines have developed a deep respect for ceremonies and traditions, which is why many Marines will be celebrating the Marine Corps birthday this year. As an honored tradition, many Marines will attend the Marine Corps Ball or celebrate this joyous day with a house party or event. However you celebrate, it is important to remember the values that has helped create the culture of the Marine Corps.

At Coins For Anything, we are choosing to remember the 2015 Marine Corps Birthday with a special coin! Challenge coins are an important part of military culture and history; we couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate the age-old ways and fighting spirit of the United States Marine Corps!

Our 2015 Marine Corps Birthday Coin honors the Marine Corps Color Guard. The Color Guard is a four-member formation whose duty it is to protect the United States and Marine Corps flag. While two members carry the flags, the other two Marines bear rifles to protect and guard the flags. The Color Guard ceremonial movements and displays add elements of dignity and respect to military events. The Color Guard also reminds us of the important values of the flag and all the individuals who defend us.

We have been honoring the Marine Corps birthday since 2004, and we are happy to offer our customers an exclusive Marine Corps Birthday Coins Set!  It features Marine Corps birthday coins from 2004-2014.  This set would make a perfect birthday present for any Marine!

Finally, we would like to wish all of our Marine Corps friends a very Happy Birthday! Semper Fi!

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