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Fitness Dog Tags

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Is your wallet fighting the battle of the bulge? You’re not alone. Many of us have an assortment of cards in our wallet credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, membership cards, insurance cards, licenses and more—that take up more than their fair share of valuable pocket space. This is especially frustrating for gym and fitness club members, who have no wiggle room to spare! Coins For Anything is here to help trim away the excess by offering a creative alternative to the traditional gym membership cards fitness dog tags. Check out the unique advantages and get your fitness business in shape!

Scannable Dog Tags: Strong adhesive backings allow for easy incorporation of unique bar codes onto these designs. This 3M adhesive backing gives customers the ability to check into facilities and helps gyms monitor daily traffic flow.

Engraving Options: Dog tags can be engraved with customer names or ID numbers. Adding such a personalized touch will help the customer feel special and valued at your facility.

Maximum Durability: Crafted out of heavy-duty metals, dog tags can handle more rough housing than traditional plastic cards. Many people store cards in their pockets while working out, causing bar codes to bend and wrap, which makes them impossible to scan. Dog tags will withstand the wear and tear of workouts, no matter how many squats you do, and bar codes will be protected from destruction.

Reusable: Dog tags are environmentally friendly and can be reused when members quit. Recycling IDs will decrease wasteful spending and save the company money in the long run.

Creative Marketing: Issuing dog tags as membership cards is a perfect example of a creative marketing technique. Customizing a stylish, unique design will help your company gain brand recognition and stand out from competitors. Gyms and fitness centers around the country are warming-up to this new trend. Coins For Anything encourages you to flex your creative muscles and give membership dog tags a try!

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