Fantasy Football Coins

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Got a game plan for this season’s fantasy football awards? Stay on top of the game and try our fantasy football coins! Available in antique gold, antique silver, and antique copper finishes, our coins are the newest option if you are tired of fumbling around with traditional awards. Old school awards can be large, bulky, and clutter your shelf space.  Tackle that issue by calling the perfect game changing play… fantasy football coins!

Fantasy Football Coin Playbook

The playbook of our coins is so expansive that even Peyton Manning can’t retain all the plays that we can call! Custom coins are a perfect smaller option to celebrate this year’s season.  Here
are some creative ideas on using coins in your league:

  • Give out coins to reward best picks. Awards can include: best quarterback, best runner, best defender, and overall champion.
  • Consider kicking off the season by giving out coins honoring all participants.
  • Give your team a laugh by handing off comical coin awards. Some hilarious awards that will get a rise out of participants can be: loudest cheerleader, best benchwarmer, most beat-up, or king of the clipboard (best runner-up quarterback).
  • Personalize a custom coin with your league’s name, award name, and year.

Create A Custom Coin For Your Team

If you are looking for a different custom design, no problem! Our talented graphic artists can draw up a design that will be the Hail Mary of the season.  Show off your coin with one of our coin displays. If fantasy football coins are a tradition in your league, we also have multi-coin displays that you can use to taunt opponents for years to come!

So don’t drop the ball and toss your design ideas over to Coins For Anything to create the perfect coin! Hurry, the play-clock is winding down!Fantasy Football Coins

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