The holiday season makes deployments especially hard for military family members. Families happily celebrate their beloved holidays together; military spouses and significant others can sometimes feel the opposite. It can be lonely for military families if their loved ones are overseas. Coins For Anything recognizes the sacrifices of these individuals; we commit to supporting the soldiers and families of the armed forces. We created a special coin—My Heart’s Apart But Never Alone Coin—to help ease the pain of departing from a loved one.

This coin is a perfect way for soldiers overseas to show their love and support. The front side of the coin says, “For My Sweetheart Until I Return”. Below, there is a list with the major services of the U.S. Military. The reverse side has a heart that is half red and half silver, indicating that two hearts become one. A flying angel carries a yellow ribbon, showing support for the troops; the bottom reads, “My Heart’s Apart But Never Alone.”

Coins For Anything encourages everyone to show support for military families this holiday season. If you are overseas and want to touch the heart of your significant other, send them this special coin. They can carry it as a token of your love and affection until you return. It is a priceless gift for the holiday season.

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