Custom Coins as Wedding Favors

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Personalized matchbooks, Jordan almonds, laser etched votive candleholders … these wedding favor ideas have all been done before, and are often tossed out soon after the reception. Why not give your guests a unique token of your special day with a custom coin? More and more couples are creating coins to commemorate their union, and this unique wedding favor is more likely to be cherished and displayed, not discarded.

Wedding coins will typically feature the names of the bride and groom, as well as the date of the wedding and often, the location of the event. Many couples will include a loving phrase or poem that has meaning, or some sort of “love imagery” such as entwined hearts or wedding bands. It is common for the coin to display a picture of the newlyweds, either from a detailed 3D metal rendition, or an actual photo insert that is printed on high gloss photo paper and then secured to the coin and covered with a clear coating of epoxy. Tons of additional options are available to make your coin even more unique, such as beautiful edge cutting patterns, dual metal plating accents, or even separate text that is stamped into the edge. Even with extra options added, the cost per coin is typically not much higher than other upscale wedding favors.

Be creative with your wedding coins! Add a magnet attachment and send them out as “save the dates” that are kept on the fridge. Having a Vegas wedding? Make custom poker chip coins! Decorate the tables at your reception by purchasing accompanying coin stands and set them up at each seat. However you choose to create your special coin, your guests are sure to treasure them and keep them for longer than just one night.

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