Creating Timeless Custom Coins

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What’s the best way to make your custom coins look aged and well worn? An antique finish! At Coins For Anything, we can give your coins the perfect rustic appearance. Instead of waiting years for your coin’s façade to change from shiny and new to a seasoned vet, we can easily replicate a “vintage” style coin when you select one of our antique finishes.

Customs Coins with Antique Finishes

An antique finish will add subtle shading to your challenge coin. This effect will give greater depth to the recessed areas and highlight the coin’s design. Antique finishes are a popular choice for both challenge coins and corporate recognition pieces.   A challenge coin with an antique finish is great for honoring a memorial event or a distinguished person. Our customers frequently order an antique finish on custom coins that: remember a special battle or operation, recognize fallen soldiers, or celebrate the career of an established leader or general. In the corporate world, custom coins with antique finishes are perfect for celebrating company anniversaries or honoring outstanding employee performance!

Custom coins with antique finishes are great for fantasy lovers who enjoy Role-Playing Game (RPG), Live Action Role Play (LARP), Cosplay and more! These “aged” coins will blur the lines between reality and realms of lore, making them look like they came from times of the past!

If you are looking for a traditional antique coin, consider our antique gold finish. This is one of our most popular finishes. If you are looking for a coin with a unique presentation, consider our antique copper finish. We absolutely love how these custom coins turn out!

We have antique finishes available for copper, gold, and silver coins. Check out our sample gallery to see all of our different finishes. Create your perfectly mature custom coin today by getting started with a FREE quote!

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