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Large companies are finding innovative ways to cultivate a culture with coins. We are a seasoned veteran in helping large companies – such as Target, Starbucks, and Walmart – to create -one-of-a-kind pieces with corporate applications. Here are some of the ways big companies are using corporate coins to change up their business.

Marketing Tools

Customized coins are effective marketing tools when used correctly. Instead of handing out a disposable business card at an upcoming event or tradeshow, companies are distributing coins personalized with company information. Most people will quickly throw away a paper business card, but are hesitant to throw away a beautifully designed coin. Metal pieces make an impressive statement when handed out at special events, such as a grand opening.

Fundraisers and Races

Metal pieces or ceramic chips serve as a great way to show your token of appreciation at events. Businesses give coins away as mementos at races or to help raise money for a cause.

Brand Awareness

Customized coins with company logos help expand brand recognition in the public eye. Gibson Guitars mastered brand awareness by embedding a coin into its guitars.

Employee Recognition

Many large companies are using coins as incentives for employee appreciation and achievements in the company. Not only does this recognize the hard work of company’s employees, but also helps workplace productivity and growth. You can out corporate coins into awards and other recognition prices, or be a stand alone pier of recognition.

Loyalty Programs

A fast growing trend is to offer quality pieces as part of company’s loyalty programs. Metal pieces or ceramic chips are more durable than the traditional plastic cards or coupons, so patrons can proudly display them. And customers can even be rewarded with special discounts and services. They can even be recycled, so it is great for the environment and the business.

Safety Awareness

Promoting a safe work environment is essential for every company, and so many businesses are using coins to get safety messages across. DuPont provides employees with pieces when certain benchmarks are reached to celebrate a culture of safety. Prevent unnecessary hazards and keep workers safe by passing along a message on a coin.

The only limit to corporate applications is the company’s imagination. These high quality pieces are a great way to play up publicity and vary marketing strategies.

Have you seen big company coin designs with creative applications? If so, we want to know! Please post and share with us any original marketing activities that companies have implemented using coins!

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