custom church coins

Church Coins

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Sometimes a little bit of faith goes a long way. Whether you need a small reminder or just want to have a physical expression, you can create a custom piece to serve as a representation of the values and beliefs that are precious to you. Making a coin is a great way to celebrate years of service, invite those whom you wish to join your parish, or celebrate grand openings and grand re-openings.

Using coins to serve as inspiration, commendation, or even a business card can promote longevity of an establishment or show appreciation to church members. These coins can depict images of a church or logo, include scripture, promote years of membership, or showcase an event. It can be coated with epoxy to make it shine, paint filled, and even done in 3D. Personalized engraving may also be used to add a special touch and generate a lasting impression that will always be remembered.

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