Challenge Coins For Firefighters


Firefighters are men and women with incredible courage, character, and integrity. Not many people would put themselves in harm’s way to save a complete stranger from a burning house or a dangerous auto accident. However, firefighters do just that. Firefighters selflessly risk their lives everyday for their call of duty, sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the community.


Coins For Anything honors the service of all firefighters with our line of high quality firefighting coins. The firefighting culture is much like the military; they use the same terminology, have a rank system, value honor and duty, and carry the tradition of challenge coins.


Challenge coins first began in the military, dating back to ancient Rome. Challenge coins depict certain emblems or designs from a particular unit to denote affiliation or to recognize a special accomplishment. As tradition stands, members of a unit or a department are supposed to carry their challenge coins with them at all times. The challenge comes when members are out enjoying drinks. When each person pulls out his or her challenge coin, the member who doesn’t have his or her coin is supposed to take care of the tab. If all members have their coins, then the person with the least perceived value takes the responsibility. For example, one person receives a coin from the battalion chief and another only has a coin from their fire department, the person with the department coin would be responsible for the bill.


The challenge coin tradition helps strengthen camaraderie among firefighting departments. As many firefighters have previously served in the armed forces, they have helped transition this tradition into the firefighting culture. At Coins For Anything, we have made many custom challenge coins for fire departments around the nation. We also carry several stock challenge coins for firefighters, which include: Firefighter’s Dedication Coin, Fireman’s Prayer Coins, and Saint Florian Coin.


If you want to create a custom challenge coin for your fire department, contact Coins For Anything. We will help you create the perfect challenge coin. Check out our Request Quote page to see all of the customization options that you can add to your coin and receive a FREE quote. Have you seen any stellar firefighting challenge coins? If so, please share them with us!

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