Challenge Coins for a Cause!

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We have all heard of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Our culture is made up with people from all walks of life, and we would like to take a moment to honor the individuals who dedicate themselves to helping improve society. Many people who campaign for social issues or fight societal injustices often have online media campaigns spreading the word of their work.

Coins For Anything would like to recognize the great work of “That Guy” campaign whose goal is to reduce binge drinking among young service members. By using humor to negatively portray drunken individuals, this campaign discourages young adults from engaging in risky drinking behavior and reminds them to: Don’t Be That Guy!  Visit the website: www.thatguy.com, and you will see a drunken man who peed his pants with puke on his shirt…the epitome of what a total mess looks like!  This campaign went beyond online media and created challenge coins to further bring awareness to this serious issue.  By spreading their word using a simple token, they are helping save the lives of countless women and men in the armed forces.

Do you have a social campaign or movement that is close to your heart?  Consider using challenge coins to act as a tangible reminder and to bring a greater voice to your cause.  Contact Coins For Anything to get started on creating your challenge coin today!


Don't be that guy challenge coin

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