Can Anyone Buy a Custom Coin?

posted in Custom Coins on August 14th, 2017 with No Comments

Out of the sea of questions that we receive, many people wonder if they can buy the custom coins that we feature on our Facebook posts and other social media accounts. The customers who have paid for their coin creation are the sole owners of their custom coins. Therefore we are unable to sell these coins to the general public. We feature these custom coins to stir the pot of inspiration for future coin designs. If you see a design that you think is AWESOME, we would be happy to create you a coin design with similar features and attributes! Send us a message with any questions that you have about a specific design, and we will promptly respond.

Even though these custom coins are not available for retail sale, a wide variety of challenge coins are available for purchase on our online store. Some of our coins come with personalization options such as engraving, making your coin purchase easy and affordable.

If you see a custom coin that you HAVE to have and it’s not available for sale, create your own custom coin with the same features! Get started by visiting our Request A Quote page, and we will help launch your creation TODAY!

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