business card coins

Business Card Coins

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Here’s a new twist, on an old tradition: business card coins. Using coins for networking purposes can create just the buzz you may be looking for. Coin business cards do more than just provide your contact information, they spark conversation and leave a lasting impression with the recipients. It will not be easily forgotten and neither will you!

Treat or retreat? Why not do both? Company retreats are a successful way to reinforce leadership skills, problem solving, brainstorming, team work and nurture a sense of camaraderie. Need a morale boost, or to reward hard work and dedicated employees? Treat your employees with a custom coin to promote healthy team building and initiate team cohesiveness that everyone will appreciate. Employees can team up to achieve milestone coins or use challenge coins to move their team to a better level. They serve as great keepsakes, encouragement to employees, and boost company morale.

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