Bottle Opener Coins

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“The only way to do a thing is to do it.”—William Painter (Weaver 1).

Every idea comes from somewhere. Every spark that ever generated a buzz came from the mind of people who think beyond what others can imagine. William Painter was one of those people. Painter, the founder of Crown Cork and Seal Co., created a sealer for glass bottles called the “crown cork” in 1892. This was a big accomplishment because not only did it prevent carbonated beverages from leaking, but it also settled the matter of sanitation and hygiene issues. King C. Gillette who worked as a sales rep for the company was inspired by the invention of the cap, which later led to the invention of disposable razors.

The invention of this 21-tooth sealer lead to another invention of Painter’s, the “capped bottle opener.” This tool was pivotal in the industry, changing advertising in the beer and soda industry and transforming into elaborate designs that would change throughout history. The capped bottle opener is still evolving to accommodate today’s modern and demanding world. Companies everywhere are developing new and creative designs for bottle openers. Some are even making them customizable. Many people use custom coin bottle openers with their company or unit name on them. Some are even made as key chains so you can carry it with you wherever you go! Share with us some cool bottle openers you’ve seen.

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