Badges—A Story of Ages

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Ever wonder who were the first individuals to use badges? Then you are in the right spot!


Let us bring you back to the era where badges were born…the Middle Ages. During the time of medieval conquests, knights wore a coat of arms to show their alliance to a particular individual, family, organization, or a political group. Knights wore the coat of arms over their armor to proudly display their identity, affiliation, and achievements.   These coats of arms served as badges.


While the knights wore their coat of arms, badges also became popular among non-military groups. In a time when nobles and feudalism ruled the land, badges were used to identify individuals as persons of authority, servants, or to show their allegiance to a noble. These badges were known as livery badges and were very popular in England.


Badges were also used by individuals who went on religious pilgrimages to sacred places, demonstrating that they completed their journey.  Badges where also given to individuals who attended funerals of important officials.


From knights to police officers, badges have always been used to identify affiliation with various societal groups. The next time you see a badge on a uniformed officer or official, take a moment to remember the story behind the origins of the badge.

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